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Jul 8, 2011 8:30pm EDT
. >> they must ask themselves if they want to be the kind of party david brooks, conservative, describe, a party of fanatics who don't compromise no matter how sweet a deal for their side might be and how great consequences for the nation. >> the senate majority leader was talking about conservative and "new york times" columnist david brooks' column saying that the republican party is no longer a normal party. its members, charles, don't accept the logic of compromise. >> forgive me, but i have to correct your copy again. he is a great columnist, but not a conservative. he is a moderate -- >> moderate conservative. >> no, he is a moderate. >> he is a moderate. he is open to all use. i think what republicans are doing on taxes is correct. if you hear eric cantor or john boehner, we are ready for tax reform, which was done in the mid-1980's, a most successful piece of legislation. you cut out the loopholes and use the money to cut rates. you get a fairness and the rich don't have advantages by having lobbyists create loopholes and exploit them, and you stimulate economic growth because the libera
Jul 23, 2011 7:30pm EDT
was asked whether he had discussed with rebekah brooks murdoch's now withdrawn $12 billion bid to acquire the mighty british sky broadcasting satellite system. rebekah brooks was murdoch's chief person and the editor at the news of the world in a, quote unquote, personal friend of the prime minister. >> that is why rebekah brooks was quite able to say at the house of commons yesterday that there wasn't a single conversation that coul taken place in front of the select committee. >> question. is cameron insulated by the fact that rupert murdoch and rebekah brooks were also extremely close to the labor party's prime minister, gordon brown? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> especially because gordon brown has come out and said that his medical records were hacked into for a young son with cystic fibrosis. besides, this linked account are the ones that are occurring right now. cameron is acting as though his government could fall. he called for a very strong investigation. i think he will probably eat pie, but he's on very shaky ground. >> let put -- >> my thoughts, please. he's in a coalition governme
Jul 20, 2011 11:00pm EDT
tell the house about the conversations she had about the bskyb bid with mr. murdoch and rebecca brooks? >> all the details of the meetings and explain all of the conversations were appropriate and she could ask the members of her party to be equally transparent. >> does the prime minister join me in hoping that this is the end of the ever increasing rise of misconduct by police officers across the country? >> the police have to have an operation, have to have a relationship with the media, both at the top level to communicate with the police's right to do strategically, and at the operational level to help them with crime. we have to try to make sure they do not have an inappropriate relationship. >> prime minister, have you ever mentioned the word "bskyb" in the presence of rebecca brooks? >> does not raise serious questions about how the previous limit operated that members opposite thought that it a prepared for the prime minister to be brief on police matters? and the e-mails that were released, didn't show how professional his chief of staff is? >> i thank my hon. friend for putti
FOX News
Jul 17, 2011 1:00pm PDT
brooks still being questioned. the newspaper was owned by news corp the parent company of fox news and senior foreign affairs correspondent amy legaling on is live. >> reporter: it mass affected the highest levels of news corp but also the british head of police. the police have been under fire for allegedly taking bribes bribes from news of the world jiorts and also employing a deputy editor as a consultant. he was arrested on friday. finally for not handling the phone hacking scandal thoroughly the first time around. >> as commissioner, i have ultimate responsibility we find our position in. with hindsight i wish we were involved in this affair differently. >> reporter: what many have called a shocking development, former head of rupert murdoch's newspaper group, rebecca brooks was arrested for conspiracy to intersected communications. she had an appointment with police around noon today. she went in and was arrested. that was about nine hours and spoke with scotland yard and they say she is still in custody. 43-year-old brooks had top echelon of tabloid journalism here and ran t
Jul 20, 2011 8:00pm EDT
friday he revealed that since taking office he had met representatives including rebekah brooks and james murdock on 26 separate locations. my question is whether he can assure the house that the bid was not raised at any of those meetings. was there at any time he discussed the bid iwith officias of the culture? >> 10 days ago, the prime minister said i was not given any specific information that would lead you to change my mind. it would have made every effort to uncover the information. they made every effort for the facts. did would surely have led him to change his mind about mr. coulson. all would decline. he was accused of making payments to police. the prime minister did nothing with the information. in may of 2010, he warned the prime minister of bringing him into downing street. he did nothing. on september the fourth 2010, the new york times published an investigation " in most civil -- quoting multiple sources. we know that article is not enough to open their increase. we know it triggers the termination of the metropolitan police. that led to the author. he said it is right t
Jul 26, 2011 6:00am EDT
-read opinion pages. we're going to start with "the new york times" by david brooks. it's entitled congress in the lead. are you ready? >> yeah. >>> tina, you said after you saw the speech, you thought it was dated. david brooks saying "behind the times" like he's a step behind. >> i do think that the republicans seem to be winning this. simply being so absolutely unreasonable and so willing to be irresponsible that it seems to be working. that's a terrible thing for obama. he's left as the grown-up in the room. a grown-up who concedes everything. now left only with the six month thing to say no to. and he's going to have to say yes to that because he's going to go to default. he's going to go the next six months campaigning about an issue he didn't frame right in the first time. so it's a real problem for obama. >> what we need here is one of the ronald reagan moments where the president said i will veto this bill. if john boehner sends me a temporary extension that will not calm the markets, i will veto that bill. he didn't do it last night. curious to see the follow-up conversations toda
Jul 19, 2011 7:00am PDT
on conditions that they keep quiet. after the murdochs, their former british ceo rebekah brooks will face the committee. brooks, as editor of "news of the world" newspaper when the hacking was taking place was a hands-on manager. >> rebekah brooks knows the answers to all of these questions. she knows who knew what about what payments, when. she knows everything. >> reporter: however, brooks may not say very much today because she was arrested over the weekend and though out on bail now, will be acutely aware she's involved in a criminal inquiry. now, the murdochs are still speaking to the committee and what we have heard so far indicates they are going to say that they did not know what was going on at the company, that they, themselves, as executives, were misled. >> elizabeth palmer in london, thanks. >>> joining "uss is lanny davis who is special counsel to president bill clinton in the white house. we have been watching this unfold the last half hour or spoke. now, all of a sudden, you have rupert murdoch coming out and saying this is the most humble day of his life. he is striking t
Jul 19, 2011 7:00am EDT
in news today. >> reporter: after the murdochs the former british ceo rebekah brooks will face the committee. brooks as editor of the "news of the world" newspaper when the hacking was taking place was a hands-on manager. >> rebekah brooks knows where all the bodies are buried. she knows the rights and wrongs of all these questions, she knows who knew what about what payments when. she knows everything. >> reporter: however, brooks may not say very much today, because she was arrested over the weekend. and though out on bail now will be acutely aware she's involved in a criminal inquiry. in spite of the murdochs' frantic attempt sometimes over the last couple of weeks to control the damage from this scandal, it's already wiped nearly a billion dollars off the value of the family holdings. rebecca? >> such a good point. cbs' elizabeth palmer in london. liz, thank you. and joining us now is legal crisis manager lanny davis, who was special counselor to president bill clinton in the white house. great to have you with us, lanny. >> thank you. >> when you look at this situation, bl
Jul 3, 2011 6:00pm PDT
johnson. the criticism of him, by david brooks most recently, is that he's too much like the senate majority leader. the president has a bully pulpit and he used it. the fact that republicans started screaming bloody murder, indicate that they are worried about it. >> charles? >> the problem is this has the feel of a town with a leader who is not leading. he has not proposed a budget t on. the one he proposed was voted down by the senate 97-0, it was so preposterous. we have a president in full campaign mode was not proposing anything at a public -- who knows whether in private. there is no democratic proposal on the table for the budget. he is demagoguing against medicare and the ryan plan. he has decided, do that and that is how you get reelected. that is why the town is laundering. >> consistency has not been a problem with republicans. they endorsed the ryan plan, which does not provide for a balanced budget, and now they are pushing for a balanced budget. 103 house republicans have gone on record as saying they will not vote to raise the debt ceiling unless there is a cap of 18
Jul 1, 2011 8:30pm EDT
? >> in the modern era, there isn't it a lyndon johnson, and the criticism of him, by david brooks this week, is that he's too much like the senate majority leader. the president has a bully pulpit, and he used it, and that at the republicans started screaming bloody murder indicates that they are worried about it. >> charles? >> the problems this at -- problem is that this has the feel of a town with a leader was not leading. he did not propose a budget -- well, the one he did it was voted down by the senate 97-0, it was so preposterous. the democrats in congress have not proposed a budget in two years. the republicans have. what we have is a president in full campaign mode was not proposing anything in public -- who knows whether in private. it seriously, there is no democratic proposal on the table for a budget. he is demagoguing against medicare and the ryan plan, and he has decided, do that and that is how you get reelected. that is why the town is floundering. >> consistency has not been a problem with republicans. they have endorsed the ryan plan, budget, and -- which does not provide
Jul 19, 2011 6:00pm EDT
is republican congressman mo brooks from alabama, a tea party freshman, an original co-sponsor of the cut, cap and balance bill. congressman, this bill is being debated on the floor now. it would roll back spending to 1966 levels, i believe. it's so extreme that even the ryan budget would be unconstitutional, and it protects tax cuts for the rich and corporations. how is that a balanced approach, if your view? >> i respectfully disagree with your characterization of it. quite frankly, in fy-12, all it cuts is roughly 11.5 billion dollars. that means it's only addressing 7% of the problem in fy-12. we would all like to spend money on programs, but in order to do that you have to have the money in hand. >> no question about it, congressman. >> we simply do not have the money to spend on all the things -- >> i think you're doing a great job of telling us the budget, but why don't you answer my question. how do you protect the rich and corporations in the bill and call that shared sacrifice or balanced approach? >> well, i disagree with your characterization that they're being protected in the bil
Jul 19, 2011 9:00pm EDT
that hitting the debt ceiling, oh, that won't hurt a bit, who cares? republican congressman mo brooks of alabama told the washington post this week that on the contrary, all credit rating should be improved by not raising the debt ceiling, which is like saying you're looking forward to how that sledge hammer is going to improve your dental work. another congressman says after a catastrophic default and financial crisis the government can just move some money around to fix things for awhile. "that wouldn't work for just a few days, that would work for a few years" adding it's an arrogant attitude to take. republican congressman tim wahlberg of michigan in agreement, he told the washington post it's time to "hold the line," but which he means we should default, just go for it. republican allen west of florida says president obama is fearmongering on the debt ceiling that it's nothing to be afraid of. republicans are not alone on this. >> this is a misnomer that i believe the president and the treasury secretary have been trying to pass aufz on the american people, and it's this, that if
Jul 18, 2011 6:00am EDT
britain's largest paper. one of rupert murdock's people is going to test. brooks was released on bail after being arrested over the weekend. she was heading the news corp. media division when she stepped down. she turned herself in and is cooperating with police but continues to deny any wrong doing. late last night, london's police commissioner abruptly resigned. the head of police there. paul stevenson announcing he's leaving his post that his unit they are investigating was corrupt. had close ties with news international's now defunct news of the world. pat, i want to invite you in on this. where does this go? it's clear how cozy the relationship was between the politicians and the media. >> right now, it's going up to james murdock. quite frankly, people are going to seize upon this. it's a disaster in england. there was a bribery scandal. the head of scotland yard is going to resign. i think they are going to try to bring it to the united states. i don't know that anything has been done here. somebody might have hacked into the 9/11 folks. i don't think the wall street journal ha
Jul 6, 2011 9:00am EDT
of politics? that is the question. david brooks, a conservative -- i repeat, conservative columnist for the new "new york times," hs hired for that reason, that usually liberal editorial page, they wanted someone who wrote well and was a certified conservative. david brooks is who they chose. david brooks believes that, it's obviously turned into the ideological paerl that walks -- party that walks away from compromise for the sake of politics. this is what he said yesterday about the logical and ideological republican party that has emerged. here's what he said -- and i quote -- "if the debt ceiling talks fail, independent voters will see the democrats are willing to compromise, but republicans were not. if we default, he said, it will be the fault of republican fanatacism." that fanatacism is making compromise impossible, no matter how much democrats are willing to give. independent voters, brooks says -- and i quote -- "will conclude that republicans are not fit to govern, and they will be right." end of quote. david brooks, conservative columnist, said this. the republican party
Jul 30, 2011 8:45pm EDT
of deliberation, statesmanship and compromise. "the new york times" columnist david brooks, who is a conservative columnist, recently wrote that too many republicans seem to have joined a movement -- his word -- in which -- quote -- "the members do not accept the logic of compromise, no matter what the terms." close quote. i hope that some of our republican colleagues will prove mr. brooks wrong on this matter because of its huge significance. the time for ignoring hard truths is over. blind resistance to compromise may play well with some, but it is no way to solve hard problems or to govern. drawing lines in the sand and issuing ultimatums may make for ringing sound bites, but no press release ever sent a child to college or gave a working family hope for a good job. why republican colleagues cannot bring themselves to support the majority leader's proposal or at least the proposed modifications to it, they can vote no. but it is unthinkable to filibuster against allowing the senate an opportunity to vote on the reid measure itself as this clock approaches midnight. it is one thing to vote agai
Jul 21, 2011 1:00pm EDT
. >> what david brooks wrote last week, interestingly, and certainly some republicans took note of it because david brooks is well known and well respected in republican and democratic circles as a "new york times" writer. he said if the republican party were a normal party, it would take advantage of this amazing moment. it is being offered the deal of the century, trillions of dollars in spending cuts in exchange for a few hundred billion dollars of revenue increases. and there have been bipartisan and nonpartisan groups that have suggested it would be $400 billion of loophole closures that could be affected without calling it in effect a tax increase. >> well, our budget which was passed last april, proposed to close all these loopholes in exchange for tax reform. so we were the first to call for closing all these corporate tax loopholes to lower our tax rates, to create jobs. so nobody should hold a candle to us on wanting to close loopholes. we have been saying that forever. it's just all the spending cuts, we have yet to see specifics. we have yet to see commitments to do
Jul 21, 2011 4:00pm EDT
've got to make another step. rebekah brooks, clearly, so far not touching family. if this was one of them to step down by the end of the year, that might be about interesting bet, but by the end of september, where we've set the barometer, they're going to do what the labor party used to do over here in the uk. an official inquiry, wait three moss and it dies down. so far they haven't managed to quell the media in the way they thought they could control the media, and look at them now. all oerch are the place. hysterical in my opinion. >> ten seconds before we got to run. rebekah brooks. her hair became famous this week also. i could see odds on whether that hair-style will become banned because she's persona el grotta or a sensation. any sense of tha >> the big story here, ablute absolutely. whether used as a mop. a ginger head mop. >> we'll have to leave it there. i'm matt miller in for dylan. "hardb
Jul 19, 2011 7:00pm PDT
hacking scandal. he and his son james and former news corp. executive rebekah brooks were grilled today. the elder murdoch apologizing but refusing to take the rap. >> do you feel that ultimately you are responsible for this whole fiasco? >> nope. >> you're not responsible? who is responsible? >> the people that i trusted to run it. and then maybe the people they trusted. >> no apology and no stepping down. >> have you considered resigning? >> >> no. >> why not? >> because i feel that people i trusted, not saying who, i don't know what level. have let me down. and i think they have behaved disgracefully and betrayed the company and me. and it's for them to pay. i think that frankly i'm the best person to clean this up. >> and speaking of cleaning up, the proceedings were interrupted briefly when a protestor deliver a shaving cream pie. take a look at this. keep your eye on the lower left-hand corner of your screen. it happens pretty quickly. >> oh! >> here it is quickly again in slow motion. here comes the pie. and that pink blur that you see over there is rupert murdoch's wife wendy wh
Jul 19, 2011 9:00am EDT
in the yard i think between rebekah brooks, where these matters were discussed. i don't know the outcome of that and i wasn't responsible for the case at the time. >> dgc to find out why this was under investigation by "news of the world"? >> say it again. >> did you try to find out why that officer had been investigated by the "news of the world" at that time? >> no, i didn't. i wasn't responsible for the case. >> you became interested later on. i'm not blaming you. [inaudible] >> good lord. the thing that concerned me and what i discuss with dave cook was personal security. that's what would have concerned me. david would know, we put in place positions for reassurance around his personal security. what happened in 2002, i would not be taking further at that point. >> you didn't see to investigate why his place under investigation by the "news of the world"? >> i suspect it was common knowledge between david and i had taken place and i put in place with david very personal security matters, and relevant advice to assure that he felt comfortable doing his job. >> it was the time he was
Jul 20, 2011 9:00am EDT
conservative columnist david brooks said in his column yesterday that this bill has -- quote -- "zero chance of becoming law" understand that it's -- quote -- "likely republicans will come to regret this missed opportunity." but second of all, madam president, this bill is not just a waste of time, it is truly terrible policy. it would essentially enshrine into our constitution the failed republican policies that got us into this crisis in the first place. it would bind our hands from responding to national emergencies that require quick and decisive action, like another terrorist attack or hurricane katrina, payments for families who lost their homes in tornadoes or an infrastructure breach in states across the country, like the howard hanson dam in my state. it would force us to stay "no" to families across the country who need some temporary support to help them get back on their feet and at the same time help them contribute back to our economic strength. their bill would have presented us from taking -- prevented us from taking any action after wall street brought us to the brink of cou
Jul 24, 2011 8:00pm EDT
? and bruce who does books for the brookings press at that time was thinking through the firstenergy paper on of guinness and into bruce told less the ghost of vietnam walk the corridors of the white house every day. >> period explain to me how would is those close can affect different presidents in such extraordinarily different fashion. for example,, a jimmy carter trying to go into iran to rescue the hostages and up with a disaster on his hands. thing you have george h. to be bush who you just said send 500,000 troops into iraq and kuwait. theoretically the same lessons to be drawn but yet here are president's trying diametrically opposed. >> the same lessons but different people functioning with different political climate's and to see issues in different ways. the ada to see it one way and a democrat another is abc but what i find especially interesting is as the years go bayou would think the war ended in 1975 why does it bother me today? but it is. how you respond as an individual depends on the politics of the moment somebody may feel you have to go in full bore sending in many mor
FOX News
Jul 19, 2011 3:00am PDT
corp ceo and chairman rupert murdoch, his son james and former international head rebecca brooks will be grilled by parliament today in the u.k. over the phone hacking sandal. the hearings will be broadcast on fox newschannel. news international is owned by our parent company. they arrested a guy that tried bringing four pounds of meth into the united states inside his motorcycle helmet. in a separate incident, agents arrested a mexican woman for allegedly stuffing six pounds of meth in her brazeer. oh, boy. >> atf acting director kenneth melson claims the department of justice stonewalled congressional investigators into the failed fast and furious program to protect political appointees. the program put thousands of guns from the united states into the hands of mexican drug cartels and now an amendment that classifies data on those guns is sponsoring that event. it's named for a former u.s. representative from kansas' fourth congressional district and he joins us right now in washington, d.c. congressman, what bothers you most about this? >> well, what bothers me most is that
FOX News
Jul 9, 2011 3:00pm EDT
-up businesses in the u.s. since they started measuring the trend. no surprise to march kin bailey of brookings. >> they are definitely one of the reasons we're not recovering as quickly as many of us hoped. there has been a drop in new business formation and small businesses are not hiring. even those that are star go are not hiring that many people. >> so what is driving submit experts brad jensen say it's largely about washington's unresolved debt crisis and the lack of certainty about how lawmakers will address issues regarding the solvency of medicare and medicaid and social security? >> there is enormous uncertainty with how the political process is going to grapple with these issues. >> a senior research fellow at george mason university says the unresolved matters is fueling a level of instability that tends to bring small businesses to a standstill. >> it paralyzes entrepreneurs and people who are willing to actually take risks and invest our money in our business but also invest this n workers and hire people. >> while pundits and lawmakers and economists may disagree how to resolve t
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 95 (some duplicates have been removed)